Pinterest Buyer’s Journey

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Let’s talk about the buyer’s journey because after all as a business owner you want to ultimately make a sale or gain traffic to all the places.

Get this clear right from the start. The journey for the buyer is not all about the destination.

The buyer’s journey is about the stages the buyer goes through when they are looking to purchase a product or service.

What journey do you want your buyers to go through?

There are stages to the journey but they do not necessarily go in order for the buyer.

✨✨✨Attract the buyers to your product or service. ✨✨✨

This is where you and your business get noticed by the buyer. It is the general awareness of your product or service stage.

This is where many people start.

What do you do on Pinterest to attract your buyers to you?

Now that you attracting people to your content on Pinterest.

What is next?

You want to increase your engagement.

✨✨✨Engagement is so important on Pinterest. ✨✨✨

You want your buyer to engage on your content.

Get to know you and what you do.

This can be done through blogs, videos, freebies, and more.

How do you engage with your buyers on Pinterest?

Now that you attracting people to your content and engaging with your Ideal Client on Pinterest.

Now is the time to convince your ideal client that you are trustworthy.

✨✨✨ It is time to give them value upon value. ✨✨✨

You want to show the buyer that you can deliver what they need to them.

Provide value content in your emails that is specific to your client’s needs.

How do you provide value to your buyers?

Are you ready to convert to sales on Pinterest?

I know I am all the time.

Converting from potential buyers to sales is important in every business.

✨✨✨ This is where you hammer home you are worth buying from. ✨✨✨

This is where you provide social proof through case studies and testimonials.

Do you gather testimonials to post for your potential clients to see?

This is the time where you have made a sale to the person.

✨✨✨ Add Value after offers and purchase. ✨✨✨

Continue with the value-added emails.

Make your client/customer feel important after the sale.

This is also the time to make further offers.

How do you provide value after the purchase?

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