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Hi, I am Sarah. I am a Pinterest manager for podcasters, bloggers, and coaches.

        It wasn’t too long ago that I was in direct sales. I was lost in the big world of social media. I needed something so I could grow and scale my business. That is when I found coaching. It helped me along with the marketing degree I obtained to move forward. You see, I did not have a car to do parties so everything had to be virtual parties—which means I had to learn to use social media to my advantage.

        I had to teach myself as much about social media as I could and as fast as I could. I did most of my learning through Pinterest. That is when I discovered its power. The power of learning and being a powerful business search engine. Who knew that the place where you could get ideas for crafts and more was also a place I could learn about growing and scaling my business?

        Along the way, I had to learn how to make graphics since at first, I was taking other’s graphics and using them. Which is a huge no-no in this world! That was a big mistake, but one I had to learn to be successful. Pinterest helped me learn the no-no’s in this world, but also helped me to learn what to do properly.

        I started telling everyone I could that they should use Pinterest to their advantage and that they could expand to new audiences using it. One of the coaches I followed then asked me to manage his Pinterest account for him. As I started on his account, he then recommended me to others. And BOOM! I started my Pinterest management business. Crazy Right?! I started using it as a tool to learn, and it turned out I could make money doing it for others. It felt good that I could empower others grow and scale their own businesses by freeing up time so they could concentrate on what they do best.

        I love what I do. I love helping podcasters, bloggers, and coaches expand their audiences, fill their email lists, and drive traffic to all the places. Pinterest feels like home for me.

My goal is to teach women how to grow their businesses by using Pinterest and Podcasts to multiply their views tenfold in just months.

Pinning for Profit
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Raving Fans

I am sooo grateful I connected with Sarah years ago & when she reached out & brought to my attention her diligent focus on Pinterest it was serendipitous timing! I'd put Pinterest on the back burner for years, it was archaic, out of date & needed a full overhaul. I didn't have the time nor knowledge to bring it current, effective nor converting in my Network Marketing Business... I am so glad Sarah had time to "take it over" for me! Less Stress, More Bless as I know my Pinterest social media platform is in good hands. My engagement has skyrocketed, analytics through the roof, & reach expanding by the 1000's every day! Thank you & your team Sarah for all you do!
Roxanne Lynch
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