10 Tips for Social Media Marketing Consistency

Editorial calendar or publishing schedule for content in the notebook.

I know you have heard it over and over that “Content is King.”
It is absolutely true.

Putting out content can help you grow your audience and sell your products or services, but you have to be consistent with it.

Having a foundation of consistency is key for social media marketing.

Consistency is what makes your marketing relevant to your audience.

I know – take it from someone who happens to slack off on content posting at times.

Check out these 10 tips:

  • Have clear goals and strategy
  • Know the difference between consistency and frequency
  • Plan ahead
  • Dedicate a day for content creation
  • Use a scheduling tool
  • Learn from your audience
  • Heal your relationship with social media
  • Have a content plan for stories
  • Let go of perfection(I have a hard time with this one!)

These tips will help you gain brand awareness, grow your audience, and grow your business.

When it comes to social media and Pinterest, it is important to have clear goals and strategy.


When you have a goal, you have something to measure. This helps you know if what you are posting is working or not.

Let’s face it. In most things you cannot be willy nilly about it. It makes things take longer and kinda a mess.

Having a goal helps you determine what to post on social media and take some stress off your plate. Remember you can have more than one goal as well.

It also helps determine the types of posts. Are you going to post reels? Stories? Infographics? Videos? And so much more.

Remember to use what works for you and your business. Not everything is for everyone but do step out of your comfort zone because not only helps you grow as a person but it will help you grow and expand your business.

Make sure you know what social media channels you are creating your content for because that will determine what types, frequency, and consistency for your posting.

Another key to get you motivated to be consistent is to post content that you enjoy creating.

Do you know the difference between consistency and frequency when it comes to social media?

If you do not know the difference, it can severely affect your ability to show up. And you must show up as I will talk about in another post.

Let’s talk about the difference…

Frequency is how often you show up. This could be daily or a few times a week.

Consistency is sticking to the frequency you have chosen over an extended period of time.

Many people have frequency down but not consistency. Consistency is important because then your social media posts will show up in the feed and get more interaction.

What are your day-to-day tasks? This will help you determine your frequency. How often are you able to make time to post? 5 days a week? 3 days a week? 1 time a day? 2 times a day? There is no right or wrong way, you just need to show up.

How frequently you show up on social media sets you up for success. And that is all you want for your business.

Do you fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to posting on social media?

I have been there and done that and my frequency and consistency was all over the place.

One important thing about social media is planning ahead. It helps you stay on task, be organized, and show up consistently.

Your consistency gets hindered when you come up with what you are going to post the day you are going to post it. The content and caption will suffer.

I recommend planning 2 to 4 weeks ahead. I am currently and doing 4 weeks ahead so I am able to complete other tasks for my business. It will also help me stay consistent.

Make sure you are clear on your content goals when you start to plan ahead. You want your posts to be in alignment with your goals. This will also help you in your planning process.

Another way to plan ahead is to have a document that you put all your content ideas you have throughout the month. This will help you create the content you need for your business.

I have a content idea document running at all times or I would be lost as to what to post. This gives me a list of ideas to pull from instead of sitting there thinking what am I going to post.

Planning ahead also gives you a strategic content calendar, ensuring your posts are within your niche, posts that are tailored for your audience, and deliver as much value as possible.

Do you have a day that you dedicate to creating content for your business?

I do. It is one Sunday a month. I create 4 weeks of content at a time.

This saves me so much time and helps me to maintain my frequency and consistency.

It also helps me to get into the state of flow so that the content comes to me easily.

You should have a list of ideas ready to go so that content creation is simple. Remember this is creating a list of content ideas as they come throughout the time you are posting what you have already created.

Make sure you create all graphics, pictures, videos, and captions during this session.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what to post ahead of time so you can post it and get on with your day?

One way to ensure you are creating consistency and frequency is to use a scheduling tool.

You could sit down after you have created your content and post them in the scheduling tool.

You can set it and forget it. Well not completely forget it but you know what I am saying.

This will help streamline your posting process as well. Remember systems are important in your business and this is also helpful in your content creation for social media.

There are several tools out there. I recommend buffer or sprout. I will not link them here, but you can look them up.

Learning from your audience is essential for you and your business.

It helps you to tweak what you are posting and get more engagement on your posts.

This is where analytics comes in. Learn your analytics so you can see what is working and not working in your social media content.

You can repurpose content that performs well when you are out of content ideas or are busy. Remember to change the image and edit the caption. This will help to increase engagement on your social media posts.

A great way to learn from your audience is to read and respond to your comments on your posts. This will help your engagement and analytics results.

Customize your content according to what you have learned from your audience.

Social media can be damaging.

What do I mean by that? It can be harmful to your health even though it is an essential marketing tool for your business.

It can interfere with how you show up and your consistency.

Now is the time to heal your relationship with social media.

How can you heal your relationship?

Monitor and limit what you consume on social media. Set a timer for how long you wish to spend there. You don’t have to be on 24/7 to run a successful business, but you do have to make the time to show up consistently.

Follow those who inspire, cheer you on, give you a boost of confidence, and the energy you need. You don’t need to have negativity in your life. You want to show up without feeling dread.

If someone makes you feel less than, you can mute or unfollow them so that you can have peace of mind in your feed.

One of the most important things you can do on social media and your business is SHOW UP.

This is huge for your consistency as well as social media strategy,’

Showing up doesn’t mean you have to show your face but it does mean you have to create and post your content. This includes commenting on other people’s posts and responding to comments on your posts.

Showing up has been hard for me at times because life has gotten in the way. That is why I have created one day a month that I create content for the month ahead. This will help me stay consistent and post frequently. I also use a scheduling tool so that I can set it and forget it. But don’t forget to respond to comments on your posts or engage on other people’s social media.

Are you having problems creating stories for your social media platforms?

This is one area that I struggle with. But this is a reminder you do not have to post stories.

But creating a plan of action will help you create and stay consistent with posting stories.

Stories are a way you can have some spontaneity in your business. You can hop on and give your best tips or inspiration so that you can show up as the expert you are.

Just remember to have a plan of action and goals when you post your stories.

The struggle is real. You want the posts you create for social media to be perfect.

Here is the thing, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Striving for perfection is an excuse and delaying action in your business.

Step outside your comfort zone.

Here are a few tips to help you overcome your perfectionism when it comes to social media:

  • Quality over quantity
  • Post it even if isn’t perfect
  • The quality of your content will improve over time

Do not let perfection hinder your business by not staying consistent on social media.

Don’t let fear of stepping out of your comfort zone stop you from showing up consistently. You must post at frequency that works for you as well as posts that work for you and your business. Content is king on social media but if you are not consistent at it and show up, it cannot help you or your business. So show up as you with a consistency and frequency that works for you.

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